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Become one of the thousands receiving premium sports picks and cashing in.  Once you purchase a package you will receive emails daily with up to 12 games a day depending on the game selection for that day.  These games will be our PREMIUM games and you will be paying a fraction of the price from anywhere else.

We have a team of handicappers and a proven system that we developed over time working in the Las Vegas sport books and now we are bringing it to the public. 




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For inexperienced sports bettors, picking the right team or player to back can be difficult. After all, there are many factors to take into account when placing a bet. Some of the considerations you’ll have to make include the injuries and stats of players, as well as the weather during the game. Thankfully, with our proven game predicting system, you can simply sit back as we give out premium picks. On average, we successfully select winners 68% of the time.

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Aside from having a winning system, we also offer picks at more affordable prices. At other sports handicapping sites, you will have to pay more. Most of our competitors will have you sign up for a basic fee, and then charge you additional costs for premium picks. Top Dog Sports Capping, on the other hand, only offers one price for the best games. Choose from our packages, and you’ll have access to the best games during the entirety of your subscription.

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Increase your odds of winning a sports bet with help from Top Dog Sports Capping in Las Vegas, NV. We have a proven system that helps us determine the outcome of a game. When you need help selecting an athlete or a team to back, come to us for premium picks at low costs.

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When you purchase a package, and your payment is approved you'll start receiving the daily picks from the best sports cappers in Las Vegas. 


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Purchase a package and emailed to you daily you will receive up to 12 games depending on the game selection for that day. You will always receive our PREMIUM picks for the day.